Saturday, 30 May 2015

 23 gifts from great SL stores (just hit the store logos on the walls there)

 (group required [Cynful] Clothing & Co Update Group

FREE mesh head and skin

free without a group tag. It includes the mesh head, skin, shape, emotions, mesh eyes and mesh ears.


Friday, 15 May 2015

every so often i get those days were i think do i want to play the game anymore in second life

and this week ive hit it again

the only reason i stay is that i love being creative
and making things
that OK may take me hours to create
but i get more pleasure seeing people use them
than i get from the few lindens they pay

id actually give them away for free if it wasnt for the terms of service from some of the mesh makers

so i noticed other designers selling similar items to mine for 10ls so i joined them

and at weekends i'd make a special outfit for 1ls which is virtually free

as 450 ls is aprox a british pound

the weekend 10ls sales were doing well i think id sell about 1,000ls worth of items from marketplace second life which helped me pay my 1,400ls  tier rent for 1 more week

but Ive had so many complaints................

about other sellers being under priced

i was even told i couldnt join a freebie group
to advertise to people to come get a gift
as in their words the other designers in the group would be upset
as im selling so much lower than they are

ive already been told to rise my prices

so i have from 10ls so i did to 49ls

which i guess is still low for a full outfit including shoes

 im thinking of knocking the 1ls sales on the head 

and shutting up shop

i understand to some people second life is a buisness and good luck to them

but in the 5 years ive sold on marketplace and in world ive only earned enough to

stock up on and  maybe treat myself to some nice textures to work on other ideas or builds i like

most sculpt and mesh items ive had to pay for with my own real life

full permission should mean full permission

 we pay real money for items to use to create and then to be told we cant do what we like with them is kinda .................disheartening and frustrating

so heres what ive been working on this week whilst recorporating from my operation


stay safe n well :> x

Wednesday, 13 May 2015



sorry i had to take this item off marketplace

the mesh shoe maker complained about terms of service ..............
i was selling the shoes for to low a price
 and i had paid half the price with a friend  for them to be purchased from the creator and thats not allowed

  (which i totally was unaware of  and its never been told to me before about full perm mesh items)

except once when i was told i could use the textures supplied with the object
or sell the item full perm to someone else

 and i don't fancy a law suit *yes they happen in virtual worlds*
sorry about that
deleted and destroyed

and  im not re buying them for my sole use
and im not going to charge a fortune 
id rather sell a item lower and sell many
than sell a item for a huge price and sell none

 take care n stay safe >dem

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

didnt manage to get the weekender outfit out till monday
as i had tyo go into hospital blurgh

but people seem to be likeing these little bargains i make

and i guess its better to sell 1000 of these than make 49ls outfits and sell none

heres linky

currently making skins into adapters for mesh bodys

what a palavarva

i myself am staying away from mesh bodys i hate them with a passion

but i do love my slink feet and hands  oh and mesh hair

but if you need a adapter making give me a shout
im happy to do them

dont forget to come join the group i always pop new gifts out all the time

::: ( U.K.SUBS)::: pUnK ZoNe :::

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