Thursday, 25 April 2013

4 sites to help protect your online identity

i noticed today i'd received a nice email from a PRETEND second life *yawn*

telling me log into my account on market place and redo a image on it or my whole shop would be deleted 


dum fuckin hackers that avatar account has'nt got a  online shop

nice try

never respond to second life emails

always go via the main web site and contact them if your worried about some correspondence they may or probally didnt send 

be safe
not sorry

 anyway heres some handy sites  for safety

PwnedList - Have your online accounts been compromised? PwnedList is an easy-to-use service with a robust database containing information that hackers and malicious programs have released publicly.

Just enter an email address you use for an online account. If your email address is in the database, PwnedList will let you know and help you secure your compromised accounts before you become a fraud victim.

Health & Human Services - In recent years, hackers have stolen more than 21 million medical records from nearly 500 U.S. medical providers. Is yours one of them?

Find out in this comprehensive database of medical breaches. You can search by company name and it will tell you the number of people affected and the circumstances surrounding the breach.

AccountKiller - One way to avoid information leaks is to shut down online accounts you no longer need. That's often easier said than done.

This site has instructions for deleting accounts from most major Web services. It also tells you how hard it is to shut down accounts on major services. Check it before you sign up for new accounts.

Glassboard - Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media sites are all great for sharing, but not for privacy. You have to constantly be on your guard and keep an eye on your account settings.

Glassboard is a social network without all the worry. It's private from beginning to end so you only share what you want with who you want.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The EASIEST WAY TO MAKE RAYS OF LIGHT: A Photoshop tutorial for beginners

A Photoshop Tutorial for beginners
I have used Photoshop C6 but it will work in earlier versions.

Step 1
Open the image and immediately create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon at the bottom of your layers palate. Name this layer ’Light Rays"
See below…

Step 2
Set colour palate to the default White foreground, Black background
Go to the menu bar and select Filter/Render /Clouds and hit ‘Enter’.
Your layer should now look like this…

Step 3
Go to your menu bar and select Image/Adjustment/Threshold and hit the ‘OK’ button in the little box that comes up.
Your layer will now look like this..

Step 4
Go to
Filter/Blur/Radial Blur
When the box pops up, set
Amount = 84
Blur Method = Zoom
Quality = Good
The arrow here shows you where the zoom will radiate from.

 You need to place the blur centre over your light source ie the sun or the moon, or where the strongest light is in the sky. In this image, we need to have the Blur Centre it in the top left hand corner. So, with your mouse, slide the zoom centre to the top left of the square box.
The dialogue box should look like this…

 You need to place the blur centre over your light source ie the sun or the moon, or where the strongest light is in the sky. In this image, we need to have the Blur Centre it in the top left hand corner. So, with your mouse, slide the zoom centre to the top left of the square box.
The dialogue box should look like this…

You are nearly there now!
Step 5
Now set the blending mode of this layer to Soft Light (See image below)
Reduce the opacity to 77%
Reduce the Fill to 94%
(The reduction in opacity and fill is a personal preference. Just adjust them until you are happy with the effect.)

Step 6
Now add a layer mask to this layer by clicking on the layer mask icon at the bottom of your layers palate. (See image below)
Now set your foreground colour to Black.
Set the background colour to White.
Select a soft round brush 200px.

And that’s it!! How simple was that?

original website

Tuesday, 23 April 2013



MELI IMAKO - Full perm clothing templates, mesh templates, Builder's Kits and Fashion Kits:

apparently im not the only one who had a run in with MELI IMAKO

before you part with your money

go read this


must admit this hunt DID NOT get me at all excited

i only saw 2 items i thought ooooo they look nice

*see piccy*

each items is 1LS

and come in  ** little black book*** male n ..............female prizes

 *hysteria creations*   ((((shoes)))

_prime_ (((sofa and mat)))

if you put in area search LSH  it should show you the location of each little book in each shop

main website link

with hints and previews of prizeshints

Monday, 22 April 2013


.::WoW Skins::. Eva complete avatar 



pack contain the following items
Eva skin with and without cleveage Eva shape copy and modify
Brow base shape
Complete outfit :
Jeans no modify/copy
Sexy Bikini in different layers to wear as you wish copy only
Tulle for the bikini bra
and Ribbon for the bikini underpant


really new people please get a ao
or you'll walk around looking like such a idiot
these are

and are bloody great for new players lol

 - 3 Stands
- 1 Walk
- 1 Run
- 1 Sit


*CK* Summer free dress FREE

:::: THE GAMER :::: [GIFT] Fashion Help 1LS


[Moosehead] Group Gift: Skinny Jeans FREE







just 1Ls



Saturday, 13 April 2013

Flower Pedals Hunt

                                        click to enlarge images

Theme: Theme: floral, anything that has flowers

  April 10 – May 10

cost of hunt item: 1L

purple prim Flower





website with hints and previews

market place goodies #freebies

                                                               click on image to enlarge

(Bii} Lexxi Skin.........10ls

~SB~ Yummy Tattoo

FREE *LODE* Hats - Petit Tulip Hair Accessory

Pink Acid Yogurt Lip Gloss + Eyelashes + Blush 2 Pack Gift ............1LS

MP 4 Player Arm Belt

Speakeasy :: Baggy Zebra skinnys (MESH) Thanking all the customers!....unisex........1LS

::K:: Super Skinny Plain-Turquoise..............mens but look just as cool on

.:Hermony:. Wristbands,,,,,

stillettos shoes from
.::Klla designZ::. 1000+ member gruop gift......comes with dress....10ls

Accentz Ankle boots..........5ls


Spring Time Slaughter hunt

10 shops

look for a bloody handprint

each gift is 1LS

Starting SLURL:

Hunt Blog:

The Spring Festival Hunt @ The Cookie Jar

all gifts are 1Ls each

look for this 

at the end of the hunt there is a Camp Fire party Featuring 2 LIVE Singers  20th April from 4pm SLT – 6pm SLT

For a FULL  list of which stores are participating with slurls click HERE


Friday, 5 April 2013

R.icielli easter hunt

                                              ^^^^with love from hunt item 10ls ............^^^^^

all the eggs are easy peasy to find and 15ls each


*all items are mesh*