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After years of waiting, Sandi Moonites has released a new version of non-rigged MESH breasts, and they look amazing!  Called Lolas Tangos, as you can see in this image. These are not un-editable rigged mesh objects that end up distorting your avatars shape and height, like a lot of mesh dresses do. You can edit these as if they were a sculpted prims. Both boobs are now one object, no longer is one boob just a mirror object of the other requiring you to flip your textures to match. The mesh model also has actual 3D collar bones that project from your chest.  It reminds me of a chest plate that attaches to your chest.



It’s menu driven like all past Lola breasts before. You now have three different preset nipple shapes, like Puffy and normal. About a dozen texture for the nipples, or you can also just turn off the nipples to show the skin’s own nipple in it’s texture if you wish. Also keep in mind that both nipples are now a single object. So this means if you edit/move/resize one of them they both change. This means adding a milk/lactating particle script to them will require you to link two prims. The same rings and piercings are still there on the nipples also, but I turn them off.

With new boobs, means none of your clothing applyers will work with Tangos since it’s a totally different map.

 But it’s not to far different that clothing developers can’t easily adopt to the new format. In fact you still may be able to apply your old existing clothing texture to the outer layer “shell” and simply tweaking the offsets/repeats per face settings you can probably get them to look decent.

Tangos have four layers, the outer clothing layer, the nipple overlay, a bra/bikini layer, and the inner skin layer. The bit-mapping for the skin has been aligned with avatar upper torso textures. This means if you have your skin as a texture file you can apply it directly to the skin layer of your Tangos, with a quick edit in texture offsets to make it work perfectly.

I’ll explain step by step how to apply your own avatar torso skin texture to your Lolas Tango boobs.

  1. Make backup copy of your LOLAS!
  2. In edit mode on the object, checkmark “Edit Linked.” This will allow you to select the proper object  (or layer) on the breasts, otherwise you’ll end up applying the texture onto all layers and ruin them.
  3. Try to select the bottom skin layer object of your breasts. It can be tricky if you’re not used to editing and manipulating your camera view. You can try moving the other parts away so you can select the layer that has the skin.
  4. Once you have the proper layer selected, click on the Texture tab.
  5. Drag your torso skin texture onto the box named Texture
  6. Now set the following offsets:
  7. Repeats per face:
    Horizontal (U):  0.500
    Vertical (V):  0.500
  8. Texture Offset:
    Horizontal (U):  -0.25
    Vertical (V):  0.25
Please note that Texture Offset Horizontal is a (negitive) -0.25, while the rest are all positive values.  As seen above in this little screen snippet  All other settings and values should be left as however they are.  The Repeats / Meter may be different on yours than how it shows here (mine says 1.2)  do NOT change this setting. This setting changes dependent on how large or small you re-sized your Lolas Tangos.  So leave as-is.

Remember back up your tits before you make any major editing kids!

With the release of Firestorm 4.1.1, many users are having issues that have to do with NOT performing a CLEAN INSTALL of the viewer.  A clean install IS NOT just running the uninstaller of the previous version of Firestorm and then running the installer of the new one. The uninstaller only removes the application it self. It doesn’t remove setting files, logs, and caches files. Countless times the support team just tells you to do a clean install to clear out any remnants of this old data that can incur incompatibilities you might have with the new version of Firestorm and cause problems you may be experiencing.
There is no interference with other viewers if you have any installed, including Phoenix viewer. If you want to do a clean install of Phonenix you can do that here.

 But there’s no need to “clean” those viewers out to perform a clean install of Firestorm. However the Linden viewer can interfere with phoenix, as well as any other viewer (usually v1 based viewers) that uses the \secondlife path under the %user%\AppData\Local folder.  Since Firestorm is the only app that uses the \firestorm path, no other viewer should interfere.

For Windows users (Vista, 7, and 8) after you have uninstalled the old version of Firestorm, next you need to delete two folders that are inside of a system folder that is hidden by defualt in windows explorer (\appdata). If you use Windows XP. or a diffrent OS please read the clean install instructions on the FS Wiki.
But since most everyone is running Vista or newer, the paths are:
–This is your texture cache folder
–This folder contains your settings, saved login, and chat logs
(user) is the login name on your computer. The following is a simple batch file that will delete these two folders and remove any remnants of of your previous install of Firestorm.  This works with Windows vista, 7, and 8.
Run this only after you have uninstalled firestorm, and have backed up your chat log files, if you care too.

cd %appdata%
rd Local\Firestorm /s
rd Roaming\Firestorm /s
Cut and paste the above text into a textfile, and save it as a .BAT file and then execute it. Or type out each line in cmd.exe. This will clean out the two folders needed for a clean install of Firestorm.  Be sure to run the uninstaller for Firestorm FIRST, then run this batchfile to delete said folders.  If you have multiple login accounts on your computer, you’ll need to run this batchfile for all your login accounts that use Firestorm.
WARNING: This will delete your logfiles and home and lastlocaton screenshots.  If you want to keep your log files you’ll have to manually go into Roaming\Firestorm and enter the folder of your avatar’s name (first_last) and move all the *.txt files into a diffrent folder.  you can ALTERNATELY rename the Firestorm folder inside Roaming, but DO NOT rename the folder back to what it was after reinstalling Firestorm viewer or it won’t be a clean install.
A simple batchfile to backing up your logs and images. Of course you need to do this before deleting these folders for your clean install of Firestorm.

md c:\first_last  cd %appdata%
move Roaming\Firestorm\first_last\*.txt C:\first_last
move Roaming\Firestorm\first_last\*.bmp C:\first_last
Be sure to change “first_last” with the user name you login with onto Second Life.

As a side note, Firestorm and also Phoenix do not touch the Windows registry. The only thing it MAY do to the regisrty is register slurl:\\ links to firestorm or phoenix. Otherwise there is nothing you need to do with your registry to perform a clean install of the viewer.
Barring any malware that may be on your computer, I’m going to assume your system is clean, and your drivers are updated. Also this also applies to all OSes (mac, windows, linux) as well as Phoenix viewer.
Open preferences – Graphics tab, and Hardware Settings (see image)

                                                     :click to enlarge picture:

Now un-check the first three settings, and turn Antialiasing to “Disabled”.
 Also set “Viewer Texture Memory Buffer” to 384 as shown above in this image.
 Yes this WILL lower the level of eye-candy but the more of it the lower performace AND/OR stability your SL experiance will be. So don’t trust the quality level the viewer gives you since it just doesn’t really know.  Especially with some v1 based viewers that still think you’re running on a Pentium III Xeon.

Now continue playing SL on these lower settings.
You may want to also lower your draw distance, turn off local lights, enable Avatar Imposters. If you don’t crash as often as you were before, or you’re not crashing at all anymore then feel free to enable some of these functions to increase quality,

 one item at a time, and then try it out for a good while. Once you find the setting(s) that cause your viewer to be unstable, “undo” the last setting you enabled and keep it like that.

For the most part the OpenGL functions (enable OpenGL Vertex Buffer and Enable VBO Streaming) tend to be the main culprits of viewer instability. Mostly due to laptops with outdated drivers and OGL support.  Because with laptops you have to rely on the OEM (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc) for new dirvers, instead of the chipset makers (nvidia, amd, intel).

As for keeping the texture memory at 384mb and not maxed at 512db (even if your video card has well over 512gb) stems from an issue with all viewers (and as a grifer tool) for overly large textures that render and can cause your viewer to crash. Also if you notice you tend to crash as you’re “camming” around your location, then you should lower this setting to 384mb.

Also related is a protection function built into firestorm for texture lagging, under Prefrences , Firestorm, Protection tab.

                                                     :click to enlarge picture:

 With this enable should also help not just from crashing but certain kinds of grifer attacks.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

                                           :::click to enlarge picture:::

::HH:: Hucci Group Gift March 15 2013 - Gift   subscriber
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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hunt Dates: Mar 10 – Mar 25

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate
Stops: 75
Hunt Object: A Basketball
Hunt Theme: Come join the fun and hunt for basketballs filled with cool prizes. Hunters are encouraged to join the March Madness hunt group.
Start: Icarus
Web Site: Destiny Hunts
Contact Person: Kaylona Destiny

original site

                                                            (click to enlarge)

got no money
check out second lifes market place

hair 1


dress 1



 hair 2



dress 2


Monday, 11 March 2013

Hunt Dates: Feb 15 – Mar 15

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: Moderate/Adult
Stops: 51
Hunt Object: Golden penis with a “heart-on”
Hunt Theme: A Second Life Hunt for top quality, detailed, lovingly-made adult goods. The theme for this round is LUST. Bring on the passion, the flames, the heat, the sex, the desire…. no pink hearts and cutsie shit for us, thank you very much!

Start: cherry cove Site:

Contact Person: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw



your looking for a golden cock in a heart  free.................

put in area search


virtually all the prize tops come with mesh boob appliers :))

Hunt Of Hunts Hunt 3

HUNT SL Hunt of Hunts 3Hunt Dates: Mar 1 – Mar 31

Type: Sim or Store Hunt
Region Rating: Moderate
Stops: 121
Hunt Object: Glass Heart
Hunt Theme: 121 glass hearts have been hidden around Dulce Secrets, The Retreat, as well as Dulce Secrets garden, and satellite stores. These hearts are filled with hunt gifts, group/store gifts, and retired skins from the previous year. Along the way you’ll find surprises from designers of The Retreat. Happy Hunting!

Start: Angels
Contact Person: AnneAlyce Maertens



you'll find them easily

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