Wednesday, 26 September 2012


seems to happen on second life's market place everytime i leave a a comment regarding a item from a certain seller they dissapear

so i go back and redo them and again they are deleted

so i was going to carry on leaving my comments but seeing as this seller seems to have some power of removal of comments or keeps shoving in tickets to   have my pemarks removed

 then ill just leave a comment on my own blog and in my second life profile

Meli Imako



you might sell some lovely well made mesh

at prices other sellers are gasping at and probably selling millions of your items



but your customer service stinks


if you thinking of spending your lindens *real life money*  

with this merchant be very carefull 

do not use the textures supplied and do read all the legal stuff on the web page 

before committing to buy:


on a last note

after i was told to destroy my work 

and items i'd purchased from market place 

from this seller


 i was refunded my money back


so i guess thats ok

i used it to go buy mesh items from sellers who had brilliant customer service 

nuff said







mesh dress
FFH - 56 Opium FabFree Female HUNT FREE

mesh dress (2) in pack black and red

FFH - 128 :[P]:-Fabfree  Females HUNT FREE
 (mens prize inside as well)

white punps 
 ::Duh!:: White Sneaker - Women's HUNT FREE

(mens prize inside as well)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Femme Fatale Inc

free mesh t-shirt and jogging pants  TAE #85

male and female in prize box

Femme Fatale

American Bazaar

free hunt items

[AB] Fairytale Fantasy Hunt Gift

FFH - 129

Flame Fashion

free group gifts

*group is free to join*

Flame Fashion

free textures

1000's on this site  specialy good if your a builder or creator in second life



 people always ask me how i get my pictures done so quick

well i love photo shop but it is time consuming

so as a quick alternitive i use this programme and i love it

its so simple to use and produces great effects

its free try it

im sure you'll love it to

ALLFOR50 COWBOY ADICTED RED from the lucky letter board *need to be in group free to join*

ALLFOR50 CANDY SHAPE *group gift*

everything in the shop is 50ls

:: PM :: Elwing Gown in Gold -

purple moon group gown gift  for 17000 Members Group Gift

the group is 50ls to join

*May's Soul*

i really like this little shop im not really in to gore-on fashion as such but i pop in to the 30ls event each week  and pick up the outfits for the accesories

3 lucky letter boards

midnight mania board

:: alterego :: free hunts

 all free

:: alterego :: el oh el - purple / aqua

:: alterego :: nbd hunt items [womens]

:: alterego :: strange clouds - pink

PatchWork Heart

 free dress from the lucky letter boards...........fits boob implants as well if you have them

free JCP: FPH - # 19 PatchWork Heart
mesh dress
*under pig*

Thursday, 20 September 2012

free from lucky letter boards Barely Legal Couture

picked these lil beauts up in a hour boards change every 5 minutes yay

free stoof :)) 20/9/12

free group gift
Mes Sucreries. The Sensual Dress + Add-ons for Boobs.
group is free to join
 pink mesh jump suit free group gift * group is free to join*

  brown jeans TAE #27 Peer Style HUNT FREE
 Top- T.A.E. #Eightyfour. - SW HUNT FREE

free outfit and shoes


FFH - #83 Barely Legal Couture -

 Direct jump: Teleport to Lustful (31,137,2839)

SLURL: Lustful (31,137,2839)

copy and paste into chate for tp link to pop up

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

[*RD*]*Japanese School Girl Uniform*

also guys uniform inside


FFH - 38-*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*

direct tp jump look for a 5 on floor

tae hunt and free gifts

free [MC] Corset [MESH] Group Gift-Forest
group is free to join  look in notices


tae free  tiny mesh skirt
 =Razorblade Jacket=

orange socks free

 :{MV}: Autumn Reaper Boots free tae hunt orange and black circle box
direct tp slurl

 TAE #72 MV - Direct jump: Teleport to Gwen (131,79,707)

[*RD*]*WeStand4Love Tee & Romper Set* free gift by entrance of shop

 [Iren] Short Sweater- desert stripes
free tae hunt
 TAE #46 Iren - Direct jump: Teleport to Blackmoore (105,225,37)

skins and shapes free gift from 
panda punx
group is free to join
gift in notices

group key copy and paste into sl chat for group to pop up


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

JeSyLiLO ______ Find MY Pumpkins EVENT!!!

Start 15 Set - End 20 Nov

Only Group member can get the hunt gifts   50ls to join group  but you get get great group skins each month

1-Find the 20 Pumpkins
2-Find the 2 Big Pumpkins To Have the Fairys Skins ( No.19 and No.20 )
3-Take pic with one of the skins you like and put it on the Vote pic For Voting joinVoting in 50L and Voting will be Free .. ( 50L to Join Fee for Voting ) (Start AT 20 Set )
4-Will be Vote For The Best 3 Photos and winner Gift is...
First Winner : 5000L and Fatpack Skin From Your Chose
Second winner : 1000L and Fatpack Skin buy Your Chose
Third winner : 500L and Fatpack Skin by Your Chose

pumpkins include
shape male and female ............

pumpkins are in the shop
and in the little shops outside

TAE hunt

dirct jump to item


TAE #04
mesh 2 jumpers and jeans

look for circle prim with orange leaf on it

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

FFH hunt free

copy and paste into your sl chat for tp link

 FFH - 52 - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Taunt/213/199/24/


 FFH - 5 - Direct jump:

 FFH - 116 - Direct jump:

back to black *free*

Beusy - Neskie Top free from market place  *mesh*


 baggy mesh trousers +HUHU+ Pant sport black Group Gift

free hunt items from1 Hundred. Mainstore, Sassy

 1 Hundred. SSH Gift. Whimsy Dress. Aster
 1 Hundred. TDH Gift. Obey Corset!
1 Hundred. FFH Gift. Flawless Dress!

free hunt outfits

Outfit 2-PARADISIS Lil Riding Hood - Fairytales Fantasy event HUNT FREE

Outfit 1-SD: Pencil  #21 Egoxentrikax HUNT FREE

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

free avatar *tiny *


market place 1ls


marketplace link

free pose Pop Frames

from *EverGlow* 

marketplace link

mens stuff *free*


ru Grey with Red Stripe Jogging Pants Free ~ Mesh

market place link




   bleak .LazyTank 2.0 Beard FREE 



market place link

market place goodies 11th sept 12

SimpleCandy - *Marketplace GIFT* MESH Trouble Maker Outfit [Knuckles] 10ls

mesh jumper and jeans *not mesh*

A&A Serafine Hair Ashblonde, short womens bob hairstyle. Marketplace PROMO ends Nov 1 2012! free

A&A Riha Hair Shiny Brown, rich spiral curls shoulder length hair. PROMO ends 25th Oct! free

NCparis Sweater Top MESH FREE Limit Time

A&A Miley Hair Darkbrown. Elegant womens updo. Marketplace PROMO ends Nov 8, 2012 free



SEVEN - Blackheart (Free)dress's 2 styles

jeans from ::.Badazzle.:: Herp Derp promo outfit pack free


[ S H O C K ] Sandy Skin - Group Gift

2 brill shapes


*M *Pink Flower Shape ( FREE ) Limited


::.Alluring Body Shapes.:: Nicole Shape Free Gift


~*By Snow*~ Fresh Eyes (Mushroom) w/MESH



belt and thigh band mod so took annoying goreon flappyskirt off make a nice belt

 [m i n t] Rhiannan White

Monday, 10 September 2012