Friday, 31 August 2012

Fairest of them All! Hunt

The excellent Fairest of them All hunt has started and ends September 15th  Each prize costs just L$5 and you can see on the blog a taste of what you will be getting, along with hints for each of the 48 stores.

ones i liked slurl  below

copy and paste into your chat for teleport

# 1 - (flaunt) - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Megamondo/110/231/954/


# 10 - Tameless - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Dreyfus/143/172/1502/


 # 11 - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Direct jump:

secondlife:///app/teleport/Loulou/148/220/33/ SLURL:

# 13 - [CIRCA] Living (2 of 2) - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Aurora

%20Vale/201/81/50/ SLURL:

# 21 - [the Skinnery] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Camomile/10/95/25/


 # 21 - [the Skinnery] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Camomile/10/95/25/


# 37 - LoveCats Designs - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/LoveCats

%20Island/68/162/1030/ SLURL:


contains nothing in the shoe 
..# 38 - [[ Masoom ]] - Direct jump:

secondlife:///app/teleport/Sassy/100/169/39/ SLURL:

# 48 - Tentacio - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Cies%20Island/180/152/23/


 # 6 - JeSyLiLO - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/JeSyLiLO/236/118/22/


 # 3 - [ bubble ] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Sintoma/91/15/24/


 # 27 -  AngelsDemons AD Creations - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/CSW

%20Island/208/134/29/ SLURL:

Fellini Couture - My Little butterflower (gift)

free for joining the stores subscriber

dress and bag

HISposé Group Gift

i love this prop and pose

free gift ((group is free to join))

Pose+Balloon:   HISémo Balloon Group Gift FREE

original blog post ....

free MESH out fit

from ::: dirty ::: little secret ::::

Cinderella's New Clothes :: FREE



free group gifts


Peqe - Kendall Leoness_Red


BOOTS *mesh*

Blueberry *Mesh* Group Gift Boots Black

(group is free to join ...check in past notices more gifts inside it)

*copy and past into chat to open group joiner*


Thursday, 30 August 2012


AT *Tara Shoes*

slurl to shop

free gifts

Skin&Lingerie free

:.::Hot Stuff::.: -S B H- #33

mesh jeans and
pack of 6 sneakers

((( some very realistic skins and unisex stuff )))


groups gift free
group is free to join

FREE hunts in :MeSH:iT:


 blue princess dress

 prizes are
both mesh

mesh jeans
free mens hunt *brown prim t-shirt*


FREE group skins

group is free to join


shop slurl

new at .......juicy mesh 99ls

5 mesh sizes
alpha layer

99ls each

JUICY mesh

new at juicy lucys

mesh clothing jeans and shoes
each item comes in 5 sizes to fit all avatars and a alpha layer to hide any sticky out bits

and all at 99ls


/ * qbee & (the garden of) songbird * group gifts

 three pretty mesh out fits

group if FREE to join

Glamour Black Hunt - CENSORED & CHANDELLE

your looking for 10 black and grey flowers shaped prims

each one costs 20ls

might seem a lot but actually the items inside are worth a lot more

dress's-- shoes--- trousers

below are direct slurls to ones i found

 GBH #07 [Chandelle Design] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/223/202/3707/ SLURL:

GBH #10 [Chandelle Design] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/241/137/3706/ SLURL:

 #09 [Chandelle Design] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/219/137/3705/ SLURL:

 GBH #06 [Chandelle Design] - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/225/220/3707/ SLURL:

GBH #01 .::CENSORED::. - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/17/151/3707/ SLURL:

GBH #02 .::CENSORED::. - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/2/193/3704/ SLURL:

GBH #03 .::CENSORED::. - Direct jump: secondlife:///app/teleport/Utopia%20Portugal%20XXII/32/190/3703/ SLURL:


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Free Scooby-Doo Van, The Mystery Machine

Fun free Scooby-Doo van, The Mystery Machine which includes fun stuff in the back with a computer desk, dog bed, poses, and more from Darkfold Designs group gift (free to join).

original webpage

love this site its full of fun free stuff

Midnight in the Tropics

You can pick up this free dress from ALB Dream Fashion on the marketplace. Standard sizing runs a bit small on this one. Many alpha layers and two lengths are included.

original web page

:::TOXIC CANDY::: is in world again

after a lot of of should i or shouldnt i were back in world

did ya miss us lol

toxic on

has a brill club to chill out in if ya spot me hanging about do come say hi

at the minute we only hav afew djs so if you want to catch us join the group to recive a notice of when were about

no room for a group :( spank the subscriber
and grab a pair of white addidas unisex trainers

group gifty this week is a fun afk sign that comes in 2 versions

why should you join our group coz

we give away the best gifts and do smashing hunts

and we love our toxic family ...*wipes a tear from my pixel eye*

love n stoof dementia runner

free stuff n hunts

look for the 5 little black bags at  Paper.Doll

Reila Skins hunt

look for slices of melon hidden around the shop

male and female prizes skins/clothes/shoes

::Bella's Lullaby::

mesh t-shirt and rara skirt

nerdy glass's

group gift *free to join*

MDL - 4th July Ruffle Skirt 
free group gift *group is free to join*

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sunday, 19 August 2012

free open source site *second life*

Linda Kellie has graciously donated years and years of her work to the open source community.

it has an amazing amount of animations, hair, skins, textures, objects, sculpts, and even complete OpenSim setups

ever wanted to make a animated gif and upload it to second life

ok so you've downloaded your animation

or made a simple one

using this online ultra simple to use gif maker

try and keep your fram number as low as possible

the higher the frame the less quality it will be in second life as in blurry

after submitting your gif to

make a prim in world

create a new script inside

copy and paste the downloaded script


save the downloaded texture for you new gif to your pc

up load it as a temp texture

and apply it the animated side of your new prim

if your happy with how it looks

upload it

full instruction are on


mrs brattys hunts *poses*