Monday, 30 January 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

bargain wall in the shop is

bcc old hunt skin 10ls *worn with modish forky tattoo makeup layers* 89ls

::Modish:: Skin&SHapes Boutique, Aozora (27, 55, 1500)

bcc madilaine hair group gift *free to join*

3 bri dress's looks cool with the skirt from bonne chances free gifty to... 10ls

lace socks 1ls

Bonne chance group gift short white dress *free to join*

: ) BCC Main store, Millage Valenti (93, 26, 22)

whilst on the coffee cup hunt i found 2 great lil shops

Bonne chance as well as having 3 group gifts its has a few 1ls items to buy so i bought them all as you do
and at Nanan i came out clutching
all these great outfits
tears tattoo layers
and cup cake tattoo layer with cup cake

total cost 5 ls

items can be found at

Bonne chance
: ) BCC Main store, Millage Valenti (109, 38, 21)

Nanan ~ League of Trouble, Aleksandr (153, 132, 3006)
King of the Grill barbeque set with rezzable food plus soda and beer bucket from ENVISION PREFABS.

Retro SKYBOX vintage furniture including a bar with records, drinks, lighted six string sign, record rug, pillows, chairs and boombox with radio stations, plus a wearable boombox from .::La Flat::.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

whoop purple moon has a cherry hunt on in the store
10 cherries to collect
and you get all these great jewelery sets/shoes/boots/2 sets of glass's and a stunning head piece.

dress from the 60ls section

red jeans from sakide
:[ SAKIDE ] Mainstore (by Sassy , Dark Tranquility (127, 78, 23)

:: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations - , Etherea (48, 66, 1365)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

love this lil 1ls mustard dress from priss Millenium Hunt
inside is a little handbag

down side no pants just a alpha to hide yer bum

so you have to wear it with invisable prim shoes *insert deep sigh*

and try not to move abot to much or youll just see the tops of legs and a gapeing hole were your torso used to be

but still worth one linden :))


Sunday, 22 January 2012

cold logic are giving away a mesh sweater dress it comes in 3 shades
subscribers gift

boho wereisthe concert hunt gift is this lovely maxi coat shame my bum stuck out of it
for me it was unwearable even with the alpha layer that came with it *deep sigh*

mesh black dress *were is the concert hunt*

mesh shoes and latex socks *that dont fit any of my avatars even with the alpha layer * big thumbs down i binned these even though they took me hours to find
but other bloggers love them ..*weird look* horses for courses so they say

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