Monday, 17 October 2011

if you've never visited heart softens hair in second life
you so should most hair costs 100ls each which in its self is such a bargain

shops site

they have a lucky letter board

and give away smashing hair each month

this week as a extra bonus for reaching a huge amount of members we recived
the wedding of yearning dress and hair gift

the group is free to join

and there is always hunts were you win the most amazing outfits and hair

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Saturdays are always filled with me time so today i choose to jump on second life and spend some quality computer time.
mind you after 10 minutes i was bored still hmmm i thought ill go nose in the destination guide
and up popped the taunt mystery hunt
basics o f it is you collect 16 hints and pages from a story and at the end fill in the questionaire on the interactive hud and be put in to a draw if you get all the right answers and win 10,000 lindens woobloodyhoo

sounded simple thought it may pass a hour.
2 hours later only 6 clues and 4 pages from the story book 5th trip round the sim
i gave up
it was just to dam hard and seeing as i have the attention span of a mental squirrel
it started to get really really boring.

so i didnt complete the hunt
but the owners did try and make the hunt spooky and fun
and i came out of it with a snazzy red flash light

would i go again nope
would i tell a friend to go visit it erm nope

puts away camera and trys to concentrate on making hunts presants for my shop :::TOXIC CANDY:::

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sascha's Designs , Coco Beach Kelina (244, 203, 24)

Septembers gift is out
this gorgeous formal purple dress
some people moan about paying 50 ls to join a group but the gifts far out way the initial cost

also on the board are still gifts from previous months all spectacular for that special night out

poses from p-n-p a free gift for breast aware ness (can be found on the help desk ) *group only*

and my new favourite designer hair Punk Updo by Boudoir
Enchanted Forests where fairytale creatures come alive — and romance is always in the air.

I popped in to see this beautiful fairy sim
filled with glowing flowers and mystical caves
it did take me a while to find the attractions and when i did it was by accident
romantic hide aways to dance and sit and just relax with a loved one
i could have taken a billion snaps of this place buy my advice go see it and see its full beauty
it is definatley in my fav's to visit again

dress by pixel dolls
hair by ^;^CaTwA^;^ Hayfa Hair/Black-White
boots by L&B Footwear "Elise" Women’s Knee Boots – Black Leather (EZ Fit Plus)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

this week i thought i'd have a break from my work room in second life and explore some of my loves vintage fashion and pose shops

i typed n burlesque and found some great sims based in the 1920's and 30's era style

and quite a few 1950's sims that seem to be springing up

its such a shame my pose anywhere hud has now decided to just give up working
*insert lots of time searching through my inventory animations list to find suitable ones*

but i think the out come was quite good

along with my passion i bought some new hair to go with my new look and am now broke laffs but thats the fun of second life shopping

i found a new store that sells poses and treated my self to mr skeleton who had 9 great dancing poses especially made for halloween

all my pictures are now being put on Flickr as it seems most of second life avatars are on there to
so this week house work zero has been done must catch up with that

willl insert locations
in case people are intrested in visiting any of them

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

oops i seem to have neglected my blog page due to watching big brother on channel 5 i so love my fix of the self obsessed householders locked away with 10 million people watching them just appeals to my nosey parker nature
but im back *big grin*
this week i went on a exploring trip via the firestorm search engine *which i hate with a passion*
mostly because i can never find anything im looking for..

they have this stupid revolving destination and event guide now so i did a eeenie mineee mo and whoosh i was there and thinking and how did this place get in the top 10 places to go

i'm not sure how the promotion of these events gets on the page but 8 outta 10 of them are awful and clubs virtually empty
i have noticed though that most of the ones that appear in it pay a lotta lindens for the privalage

so it looks like my little shop in world may dissapear .because if people dont know about :::TOXIC CANDY::: people wont visit which would be a great shame because i love making items and passing them on as cheap as possible

anyway back to the topic destinations
i went a great art one last night even though im not sure what it was about a lot of effort had been put into making the sculpts and atmosphere was ultra spooky
7 levels depicting the afterlife it was brill till i got stuck in a cave and no visible teleport to get out or to carry on the journey so i probably missed quite a bit of it after 20 minutes searching i gave up and teleported home
but 10 outta 10 for a destination to visit. i wish more artist's shared their art for us to see
some pictures i took whilst looking around

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